First Date No Nos

Going on your first date with a single from can be a rather daunting experience, one in which you will have to dress to impress. If you follow our 6 No-No’s to your first date hopefully you will just fine and maybe even clinch that super second date!

#1: Splashing thy cash

OK, at first it may seem appropriate to try and impress your date. It is perfectly well to try to impress your date but you shouldn’t go overboard in terms of money-wise as it may make you appear desperate or even arrogant, despite your kind intentions. You should go with the flow and plan a creative date which will enable you two to talk to each other and learn more about each other. There’s a plethora of ways to make your date unique and memorable even on a modest budget, this would be an exotic alternatives to Sheikhs and their cash to some singles.

#2: Turn off your ‘digital communication device’, just for a few hours.

OK, you may be a popular guy or gal, we’ll grant you that but is it necessary to check your phone every two minutes? If you want to tell your friends how the date’s going, you can do so but after the date finishes. The more and more you look at your phone, the more and more your date will think you’re not interested. Don’t do it.

#3: Topics on the table – keep them light. 

You may be a dubious person who likes to engage in stimulating chat and debating cutting-edge stories may be fun but always remember some controversial views may offend your date. Some people may have fairly strong convictions regarding religion, politics and even counter-terrorism efforts but please do bear in mind try and stay out of hot water, your date may oppose and not even notify you. Keep the subjects light, on your first date anyway and you should do fine.

#4: Your ex was an ex

Although telling your date fun anecdote and cool stories may be good, they don’t need to hear about all of the dramas and upsets in your life. Talking about your ex or your petty criminal offense ten years ago or your mounting debt will make you seem haram and virtually kill off chances of a second date. Play it cool.

#5: Timing is a virtue.

Being late probably won’t enhance your chances of a good connection, no matter how cool you think you are someone waiting in a restaurant or somewhere for you alone will be rather disconcerting for them and will probably leave them in an elongated mood during the date. Don’t be late.


Your first date will be a pivotal date in your relationship, if it lasts. You should try to go somewhere quiet and not crowded so you two can both connect. Going to a concert or a cinema should be saved for the second or even third date, starring at screen for two hours or moshing to Bat For Lashes won’t really help the initial connecting process.

Good luck and enjoy your first date, always remember too much or too little can be too much or too little in a date. Plan it carefully and enjoy! 

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